Sourcing Specialist

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Hello, I'm Isabel! Currently working in a company GRAB N BRAG as a SOURCING AGENT. I have a great experience in Sourcing & Dropshipping. I am really passionate and love my work. My expertise lie in finding your desired product from trusted manufacturers, getting the best rates possible with the highest quality product available, with samples, and then safely delivering the goods to your desired destination. I have been working as a sourcing expert for Extreme commerce. Aside from my supplier database, I can source from all over the world and can prepare good offers for you in a short time. I always believe in professional Culture where I can learn different business strategies.

7 Ways A Sourcing Agent Can Improve Your E-Commerce Business

E-commerce, otherwise referred to as electronic commerce, is the occupation of buying and selling goods on online platforms or over the Internet. While starting an eCommerce business, you must know that the customers want a wide variety of choices while buying from online stores. You need the right products in the industry.

Even as successful business owners, you opt for products from low-cost regions of the world. This is the part where sourcing agents come in. They act as your representatives in these low-cost regions and look out for products of your interest. Sourcing agents help find trusted suppliers, negotiate the best price, look after the production process, take care of documentation, and make sure the products are shipped to you at the proper time.

We’ll take you through some of the ways that sourcing agent can increase your E-commerce Business

● Finding reliable suppliers
● Get you the best price products and save other expenditures
● Quality Control Of The Product
● Bridge the communication gap between the buyer and supplier
● Assists in designing and manufacturing, even prototyping for tiny businesses
● Make your product a masterpiece, thus attracting more customers
● Reduce the risk that you would have to take without one