Amazon Private Label

Amazon Private Label

Amazon Private Label is about finding a product on Amazon that has high sales, but maybe a low number of reviews; getting that product, and labeling it as if it were yours. Basically, what you will try to do is to upgrade the presentation of that original existing product by creating your own brand.

We ONLY recommend amazing winning products that WE would want to sell ourselves!

We use multiple platforms & the latest technology for the most comprehensive product research available.

Product Research
Sourcing & Logistics
Listing Creation & Optimization
Launch & Rank
We use this process to Launch Your Product On Amazon
  • Profitable New Products Research
  • Competitor & Market Analysis
  • Product Sourcing from Alibaba
  • Inventory and Logistic Management
  • Shipment Plans for Sourcing
  • SEO KW Research 
  • Product Listing Creation & SEO Optimization
  • Creating Promotions Plans
  • Variation Listing
  • Launching & Ranking
  • PPC Advertisement Campaigns
  • Store Management
  • Reimbursement
  • Suppressed Inventory
  • ManyChat Bots Handling
  • Social Media Targeted Campaigns
  • Handle buyer messages and Return Requests
Product Research

The Product Researcher plays a crucial role in the Amazon e-commerce ecosystem. The quality of the work spells the difference between success and failure for the organization.

The main function is to find products from online supplier websites that could be sold through Amazon, using various criteria such as profit, sales rank, and return on investment.

Extensive Keyword Research

Keywords behave differently on Amazon than on Google. Once you’ve indexed for words that make up the longer keyword phrases your customers might enter into the search bar, you can focus on ranking, which looks at keyword phrases.

Sourcing & Logistics

Once you decide that you want to invest in a specific product opportunity, we will create a very detailed list of the product specifications. 

 We can take over the product sourcing phase from A to Z, meaning researching new suppliers, requesting quotes, accumulating and comparing all the data, negotiating the terms of sale, arranging the order of samples, as well as the first stock order. 

 Apart from product sourcing, we can also help with gathering quotes from freight companies and guide you through the whole process of sending your inventory to Amazon fulfillment centers. Amazon has specific rules and guidelines for each product category and by sending your inventory the correct way, you will avoid a lot of headaches and unpredictable costs. We leave nothing to chance.

Listing Creation & Optimization

Do you know that proper keyword optimization during amazon product listing creation reduces the burning cost of your ranking and how it impacts search engine algorithms?

So you can secure a half-game of your ranking when you perform product listing creation with targeted keywords and with 2.00%-2.50% density and zero plagiarism.

Launch & Rank

The Amazon product ranking algorithm (A10 latest) with more changes expected in the future, keeps on evolving. Grab & Brag’s Amazon ranking service incorporates the changes of a fast-paced online retail marketplace like Amazon. Our Amazon ranking services help store owners get top product ranking on Amazon. Our Agency is the best Amazon product launching specialists to outrank your competitors in one of the most competitive e-commerce spaces online for increased market share, conversion & ROI.

Loosely speaking, Amazon private label begins when an Amazon seller gets a third-party manufacturer or supplier to produce an inventory item under its own (seller’s) brand name, and with the intention of selling it under Amazon Seller Central.

One of the popular Amazon seller questions would be the reason why they engage into the private label on Amazon. Venturing into the private label aspect of Amazon does not mean that sellers will have to withdraw from their current Amazon FBA operations.

Apart from exclusivity, sellers also include private label products in their Amazon inventory because some sellers find that sourcing a single product in large quantities is a more effective business strategy. This is far more convenient than having to source many diverse products in small quantities.

The work required to build a successful Amazon private label enterprise likely depends on the seller’s experience. As with any business, selling private labels on Amazon requires sellers to learn the process.

For that matter, it would be advantageous for experienced Amazon sellers to enter into Amazon private labels. The learning curve will be less demanding and time-consuming for tenured Amazon sellers. 

Although experienced Amazon sellers are on a vantage point when it comes to selling private label products, newbie sellers may also learn the process and even master it.

In this day and age where communication and digital marketing technology thrives, researching items to sell online has become easier. Generating an idea or choosing an item as a private label product for Amazon inventory can be done through the help of product research tools

After deciding on a private-label product, sellers should proceed with the process of creating the private-label product. To achieve a successful private label item, the following should be performed by Amazon sellers:

  • Research for high-demand/low-competition products (as discussed previously)
  • Source researched products through a reputable wholesale marketplace
  • Create your brand new Amazon listing
  • Negotiate for shipment and have the product shipped to Amazon fulfillment centers
  • Launch the product and perform advertising campaigns

In pricing private label items, all expenses should be included in the costing, such as shipment cost, PPC costs, and other pre-sale expenses. What other Amazon private label sellers do is price their product slightly below the current market price for increased sales and visibility. 

However, such a method is simply a prelude for a subsequent price increase once the private label item has gained market traction.

We conduct a price point analysis of existing sellers to set our target price and we have our own profit calculator .

Whether on Amazon or other online selling platforms, a private label holds its own set of advantages. Adaptability is among the advantages of private label items.

In view of such a change, Amazon FBA sellers who also sell private label products can easily instruct their suppliers to make manufacturing tweaks according to the current market need, since their orders are private-labeled.

If you wish to expand your reach and market influence while benefiting from production, pricing, and branding advantages, private label is a must explore avenue.

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