Good habits will make you financially independent.
Bad habits will ruin your life altogether.

So, as a freelancer, it is wise to avoid these career-killing habits that will throw your freelancing career to a dead end.

1. Procrastinating

There is nothing wrong with taking regular breaks from work. In fact, science suggests that after 52 minutes of intensive work, 17 minutes of break is necessary to relax the mind.

But don’t take this as an opportunity to procrastinate. As a freelancer, you work under strict deadlines, so to accomplish these deadlines with a fresh mind, you need to work instead of roaming around and passing the time.

2. Too easily distracted

The highly unproductive freelancers are overwhelmed by several projects and distracted by email notifications, social media, surroundings, and gossip. This prevents them from using their full potential in their present work.Create a plan in advance to kick those distractions away. Here are a few tips to kill those distractions:

● Work at a dedicated place on a dedicated time.
● Minimize the things that you keep on your desk.
● Switch off the phone, email, and social media.
● If you’re working from home, tell your family not to disturb in work time

3. Not taking regular backups

It takes seconds for a disaster to strike. And when that happens, you cannot do anything about it.
A freelancer’s disaster is deleting, losing, or re-editing files. But the worst of all is not having a backup of those files.

Don’t rely on your word processor to save every word that you type or your Windows/Mac search option to present you with a lost file magically.

Always. Always. Always back up your files on the cloud. Either on Apple Cloud or Google Drive, save every file that you’ve worked on.

4. Learn to say ‘No’

It feels great to imagine more and more money flowing into your bank account. But at the cost of what?

Unproductive freelancers fail to set boundaries. They take more clients even when they are on a strict deadline which makes things worse.

Suppose you can take a client, good. If you’re working on a tight deadline, reject the client and wait for the next one.

5. Shuffling deadlines

The worst habit of freelancers is extending deadlines and shuffling them to satisfy all clients.

Avoid doing that anymore.

Only take projects that you can easily deliver. Plan your time and if you can adjust a project within one ongoing project, go for it, but keep it rare.

6. Working 24/7

There is a myth among people that freelancers work 24/7. And if you’re a freelancer and have a habit of working all the time, you will exhaust yourself.

Figure out your working hours and only work on those hours. A full-time freelancer should work the same number of hours as a full-time employee. If you’re working more, it’s your weakness. Stop doing it

7. Misrepresenting yourself

As a freelancer, YOU are representing yourself as a brand on social media. Anything you do online will be noted. So, think before you do anything stupid.

Stop complaining about work or a project, or a client on social media. Don’t send emails or SMS without proofreading. Don’t do anything that gives the impression that you are unprofessional.


Maybe you might fall into any of the above habits. Start with one bad habit and kill it. It might take a little more effort, but in the end, you’ll become a happy freelancer that your clients will be happy to hire.

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